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Firefighting equipment
& safety gear

Hundar emergency solutions had been entrusted with renowned international brands after it’s portfolio and experience.

Our main products portfolio is based on emergency, rescue and top quality signage for all purposes. Apart from offering ready finished products, we are mostly able to modify existing lighting to minimize the financial expense. 

Our range of firefighter protective clothing meets almost all requirements of fire services around the world – and if our existing range doesn’t, we will work with you to produce exactly what you need.

Your focus is on saving lives – ours is on protecting yours.

You answer every call despite the unknown risks. But one thing is for sure – when you begin a mission, you have to be able to rely on your equipment to protect you. Does your kit meet all safety requirements as well as individual requirements for each firefighter? Does it support the mission? Will it be ready for use again quickly? When you rely on our products, we’ve already answered these questions for you. During development and production of our equipment, we attach particular importance to four main capabilities: usability, connectivity, safety and serviceability.


During your operations, you need to be able to concentrate fully on your duties. Therefore VOLKL products are designed to offer you a maximum of protection while being as discrete as possible. Our goal: make you forget that you are wearing shoes: easy to pull on, pleasant foot climate, extraordinary insulation and cushioning are just some of VOLKL Professional product features. Combining two seemingly contradictory features like a maximum of protection while being as descrete as possible constitutes in other industries the biggest challange, too: the perfect laptop is powerful, yet light and handy, the modern car fast with low fuel consumption.

Make you forget you
are wearing shoes


We protect the hands of
those who protect us


Under no circumstances must simple standard gloves made of leather be worn for fire-fighting. During a fire the fire brigade personnel is exposed to more extreme thermal conditions. During indoor fire-fighting there is always a danger of the formation of darting flames or flashovers. Also of interest in the new point concerning the penetration of chemicals.

asko ultra grip gloves.jpeg
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The latest innovation in firefighter protection

We provide bespoke solutions which are used by firefighters all around the world to offer them the maximum protection against heat and flame to enable them to protect the community, property and the environment.

Firefighters undergo extensive technical training and therefore it is imperative that they are supported by the most efficacious technical garments on the market – something we at Eagle Technical Products pride ourselves on.

As well as offering a bespoke fire kit service, we also manufacture our own unique Eagle fire hoods, gloves and underwear, which have proved incredibly successful in protecting firefighters all around the world.

To protect
forested areas

To protect our green areas we must have only the highest performance!

  • High Pressure Motor Pump for forest fires or small urban fires.

  • Made of highlyresistant, noble, waterproof materials that allow for a correct regulation of the weight without damaging the back.

asko ultra grip gloves.jpeg
adalit torches.jpeg

Professional safety torches
with swivelling head

We strive to meet the best quality standards to offer innovative and technologically advanced products. We are passionate about technology and we dedicate in offering more than just a product. We are active, positive and have initiative. We listen to our clients, highly specialized, to provide specific solutions adapted to their needs. Our principal aim is not to lose of sight the values of a young company with more than a 100 years of experience.

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