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Data Protection Privacy Policy


General data processing information

Hundar is committed to protecting the privacy rights of any individual whose personal data is processed by Hundar or by any company representative. This applies regardless of where and how the data is collected. The following informs you about how we handle data protection and privacy issues. This Data Protection Statement and Privacy Policy covers the site of Hundar and all affiliated companies referring to this statement within the scope of their web presence. It does not apply to Hundar websites referring to their own data protection statements.


User rights

Our data protection officer will gladly answer any questions you may have about the collection, processing or use of your personal data, and respond to requests for information or the correction, blocking or deletion of data.

The data protection officer can be reached via e-mail: – Please write Data Protection Query in the subject tab.


Why does Hundar store data?

As part of our website, we collect and store data only for data security purposes and to optimise the website. We do not otherwise use any data collected via the website, except in the aggregate and de-identified for statistical or other business use. No personal surfing profiles or other profiles are created or processed by Hundar. Furthermore, personal data is only stored and processed when you provide this data voluntarily as part of a registration or a login process or via our online contact form. Similarly, we only use your data for promotional purposes if you have given your express consent to such use. Below, you will find information about the type of data that we collect as part of our website and its functions.


How do I register or log in?

For some of our websites, registration or logging in is required, e.g., when registering for the forum, a newsletter, a sweepstakes, an online game, an online application, or for executing a contract. This requires controlling the access and authorisation functionalities. What personal data is collected and stored during registration for a login is explained in the respective entry and contact forms. That is also where you will be informed of the storage and processing of the data as well as the purposes of collecting the data.



What are log files?

A log file is a file logging an event and contains the automated log of all or specific actions of processes on a computer system. Log files are mainly used in process control and automation. In the area of databases, log files record database changes due to properly completed transactions in order to be able to restore the current database in the event of an error (e.g. system crash). Log files are generated by web servers. They log the following information, among others: address of the calling computer, authentication fields, date and time of access, access method and content of the HTML call, status code of the web server, information about the browser being used, and the operating system of the client. Each time a user accesses a Hundar website and every time a file is downloaded, data about this process is automatically saved in log files stored on our servers.


What are cookies?

Using a cookie, a web server stores text information (e.g. a unique ID) on the PC of the user. This text information can be thought of as electronic crumbs left behind by a cookie. As a rule, cookies are used to identify the user across multiple access operations. The cookie is sent either from the web server to the browser or is generated with client-side scripting (such as JavaScript). The cookie information is stored locally on your computer and usually has a limited validity period after which it expires. Flash cookies or Local Shared Objects (LSO) are files used by websites with Flash media to write and later read user-specific data on the computer of the user. These files are not managed by the web browser itself, but by its respective Flash Player plugin. Flash cookies are subject to the same rules as traditional cookies. They can be read only by the same website that previously initiated storing the Flash cookie. The amount of information they can store, however, is much greater. Browsers usually offer several settings to control the use of cookies, so you can set your browser to accept and store cookies or restrict certain websites. Another option is to set your browser so that it notifies you when a cookie is being sent. You can use our website and offers without cookies as well. However, because these cookies also control website content, in this case you should expect a limited display of the page or limited user navigation if you view the website and disable the cookies. Note: Pages linked to our website may use cookies without Hundar being able to inform you about their use first.


What is a tracking system?

During your visit to our website, we may automatically collect information that is not associated with a specific person. This information is important for us to analyse the interest in the content of our site, and to improve our services. For this purpose, we use different data logging systems as web analysis tools. Detailed information on the data collected and how you can object to the collection of this information is listed in the following section:


Adition Adserver

Adition collects only anonymous technical data (disguising the technical data) to control content and campaigns on the website according to customer specifications by Hundar. Adition uses cookies for this purpose. The technical data collected by ADITION is used for frequency capping (to control how often certain content or campaigns are displayed on a website) and technical targeting (used to detect browser, screen resolution or operating system). Based on user behavior analysis, targeted contents are then displayed in the correct technical quality on the website. The user’s behavior on the website determines the content displayed to the user, who is never individually identified. You can object to the collection of your technical user data by ADITION. Please click the following link to do so: In this case, ADITION replaces the current cookie with a new OptOut cookie. The OptOut cookie deletes the previously stored information, including your IP address, and prevents further logging or collection of anonymous information. Note: In the event that you accidentally delete this OptOut cookie, ADITION can no longer detect that you have opted out. Thus, the OptOut process must be repeated.



Omniture site catalyst 

Omniture collects data about user behavior on the website, such as pages visited, clicked objects and links, information on visiting hours, length of stay, and repeat visits to the site. Omniture also uses cookies. The information is stored anonymously by disguising the IP address of the user to prevent any knowledge of the user's identity. This USER DATA is stored for the purpose of measuring the success of web pages, offers, or the entire the website. You can object to the collection of your user data. Please click the following link to do so:


Using Facebook Social Plugins

To make our website more attractive and user-friendly, our web pages include social media plugins of, which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA ("Facebook"). The plugins are identified through the Facebook logo (white "f" on blue background or a "thumbs up" icon), the word "Like" or by the words "Facebook Social plugin." The list and the design of Facebook Social plugins can be viewed here: When you visit one of our websites that includes such a social media plugin, your browser establishes a direct connection with the Facebook servers. The content of the social plugins is then directly sent to your browser and integrated in the depicted website. In this case, Facebook knows your IP address and other device-related information, including the information that you have visited our website. Facebook may then also save a cookie on your computer, which will be deleted when the browser is closed (see the cookies section). We have no control over the data volume collected with this social plugin. Based on our current information, Facebook can add your visit to our sites to your personal user account on Facebook if you are logged into Facebook while on our website. By interacting with plugins, for example, by clicking the "Like" button or by submitting a comment, the corresponding information is directly transmitted to Facebook from your browser and stored there. Such data transfer can be prevented only if you log out from your Facebook account before visiting our website. Even if you are not a member of Facebook, there is still the possibility that Facebook determines and stores your IP address. It is also possible to block Facebook social plugins by using add-ons for your browser such as the "Facebook Blocker" add-on. Please see the privacy notices of Facebook ( for information about the purpose and scope of data collection by Facebook and further data processing and use of your data on and by Facebook, and your rights as well as ways to protect your privacy.




We will update our Data Protection Statement and Privacy Policy as we introduce new products, services, or processes; change Internet and/or IT security technology; or when required by changes in the law. We, therefore, reserve the right to change or supplement our Privacy Policy and Data Protection Statement as required. Any changes will be published here and then apply to future use of our website. You should, therefore, visit this page regularly to find out about the current status of our Privacy Policy and Data Protection Statement. A change of purpose in the use of already stored data is not involved. All information contained on or offered by this website has been checked with great care. However, we do not warrant that the contents of our own websites are always accurate, complete, and up-to-date.


Websites of Third Parties

Occasionally, we refer to third party websites by providing links. Although we carefully select these third parties, we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy or completeness of the information and data security of third-party websites. This Data Protection Statement and Privacy Policy also does not apply to linked websites by third parties. Hundar is not responsible for the data protection statements, privacy policies, or contents of other websites. Status as of June 2012



Changes to our Data Protection Policy

You are reading version 2.0 of our Data Protection Policy, last updated in May 2018.

Hundar may change the Data Protection Policy at any time if...

  • we introduce new products or services

  • internet procedures change

  • internet and IT security technology advances

  • new legal requirements enter into force

We therefore reserve the right to change or supplement our Data Protection Policy as and when required. The revised version will be published here and will then apply to future use of our website. You should access the Data Protection Policy regularly to find out about its current status. This does not include a change of purpose in the use of data already stored. 

All information contained on our websites has been checked with great care. However, we do not guarantee that the contents of our websites are always accurate, complete, and up-to-date.



Third-party websites

Hundar references third-party websites by providing links. Although we select these third parties carefully, we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy or completeness of the contents and the data security of third-party websites. Furthermore, Hundar’s Data Protection Policy does not apply to linked third-party websites. Hundar is not responsible for the Data Protection Policies or content of other websites.

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