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Breathing Apparatus


Hundar had been entrusted with renowned international brands after it’s portfolio and experience. Our main products portfolio is based on emergency, rescue and top quality signage for all purposes. Apart from offering ready finished products, we are mostly able to modify existing lighting to minimize the

financial expense. 

Dräger PARAT® 5500

The Dräger PARAT® 5500 fire escape hood was developed in cooperation with users – always with the focus on offering the fastest possible escape. Optimised operation and wearing comfort, a robust housing and a tested CO P2 filter ensure protection from toxic fire-related gases, vapours and particles for at least 15 minutes while escaping.

Full Face Mask / H-FPS 7000

 The Dräger FPS 7000 full-face mask series sets new standards in terms of safety and wearing comfort. Thanks to its newly designed ergonomics and the availability of multiple sizes, it offers a large, optimized field of vision and a very comfortable, secure fit.

Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus / H-PSS 5000

 The Dräger PSS® 5000 SCBA is a new generation high performance

breathing apparatus for the professional firefighter. Combining advanced

ergonomics with a wide range of configurable options the Dräger PSS® 5000 provides the user with the comfort and versatility to meet the demands of first responders whenever breathing protection is required.

Dräger Bodyguard / H-1500

Dräger Bodyguard 1500® is an automatic wireless PASS system which increases wearer safety in potentially hazardous situations. The system draws attention to colleagues in distress by generating distinctive visual

and acoustic alert signals and features wireless data transmission from the pressure gauge to the PASS device.

Automatic Switch Over Valve / H-PAS ASV

 The Dräger Automatic Switch over Valve (PAS ASV) enables the user to connect compressed air breathing apparatus to an external air supply, such as a factory ring main, and be safe in the knowledge that if the external supply were to fail, there would be a safe and uninterrupted transition to the wearer’s back-up air supply.

Composite Cylinder Drager / H-3361927

Dräger 6,8 liters 300 bar 30Years with aluminium

inner liner equipped with DIN valve. 

30 years lifetime accoridng to  EN 12245

PAS Colt / H-PASColt

Combining versatility, ease of use and the latest in breathing apparatus design, Draeger’s PAS Colt is among the most technologically advanced short duration and emergency escape units available. The very latest harness design and materials, accompanied by smaller, lightweight cylinders, make wearing this set easier and more comfortable.

Positive Pressure Loung Demand Valve / PSS PLUS

Balanced Lung Demand Valve positive pressure, first breathe activated for connection with full mace masks; this provide a stable air supply with low breathing resistance and is extremely quite in use ,has a warp around silicone cover for added impact protection and is easy to service, clean and disinfect The Loung Demand Valve is equipped with a “switch off” press button to release the stand by position of the system. 

Mobile Breathing Air Compressors / H-MAC1000

 Providing continuous breathing quality air to safety professionals in the harshest of environments, these Mobile Breathing Air Compressors meet the needs of single or multiple users over long durations. Available in electric or diesel driven versions, each of the four models is fully compatible with Dräger compressed air and airline breathing equipment.

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