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The LEADER fire training equipment range perfectly meets the needs of fire training for any company’s staff whilst respecting the environment and health and safety requirements (Article L231-3-1 and Article R4227-28). 
Totally autonomous and supplied by a rechargeable 12V battery, the environmentally-friendly flame simulator can be used for training without polluting or leaving residue on site (ash, non-consumed hydrocarbons). There is no need to add wood, hydrocarbons or other fuels to the fire!
Working from propane gas and certified by Certigaz, the fire extinguisher trainer provides fire control with powerful, large flames with a controlled height from 0.2m to 3m depending on the model. With no hydrocarbons, smoke or pollution, the fire trainer was designed for use with health and safety in mind.

Fire training equioment.jpg

Fire Extinguisher Training

The LEADER training extinguisher, combined with the use of a flame generator which simulates a real fire, allows very specific and practical training sessions to apply the right actions learned during theoretical fire Extinguisher Training course, whilst remaining environmentally friendly.
The refillable training extinguisher: a Fire training tool vital for effective training!
If a fire is not controlled immediately, the fire gets bigger and soon becomes uncontrollable. It is therefore important to act appropriately to intervene in time and avoid it spreading.

Smoke Generator.jpg

Smoke Generators

The LEADER SMOKE portable smoke generators can produce dense and realistic smoke creating ideal circumstances for training in safe conditions! They respond perfectly to different firefighting training requirements by filling small and large rooms in a few seconds! 


Water Rescue and Lifeguard Manikins

A range of water rescue manikins designed to help lifeguard trainees learn lifesaving skills and techniques.An increased focus on water rescue worldwide means that Ruth Lee is the perfect place to find your new training partner.


Healthcare Training Manikins

The drive to provide outstanding care is why you became a healthcare professional in the first place. Maintaining the dignity of your patients is important, as is maintaining your own health and wellbeing when carrying out your duties.

Fire Service mannekin.jpg

Fire Service Manikins

When you work in Fire & Rescue, you know that no two days are ever the same… and the same can be said for your training! It is important that you have training equipment that lets you learn essential skills such as snatch rescues, casualty evacuation, vehicle extrication and technical rescue. 

Military mannekin.jpg

Military Training Manikins

Train like your Fight!

The manikin ranges shown below are our recommendations for manikins used in the Military based upon 30 years of experience supplying dummies to the UK Ministry of Defence including the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.


Ambulance, Ambulance and Paramedic Manikins

Manikins which offer the same level of training variety as your job requires!

We understand that HART and paramedic training is about saving lives – but it’s not a perfect world, and your patients could be trapped under rubble, or lying part way down an exposed mountainside. You need to be prepared to carry out lifesaving skills in challenging environments

Technical rescue.jpg

Technical Rescue Manikin

Technical rescues are becoming more advanced and to support the training you might complete for working at height, confined space or water rescue, we have a range of manikins which will be useful.

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