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HP Pumps

ROSENFIRE - High Pressure Motor Pump for forest fires or small urban fires. This type of motor pump is mainly designed for bush fires or apartment fires. It can be mounted on a pick-up or a fire-fighting vehicle to pump small quantities of water with the impact of high pressure.

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Rigid Hose Carrying Backpack

Made of highlyresistant, noble, waterproof materials that allow for a correct regulation of the weight without damaging the back.


The backpack has a rigid tube structure and a flexible container.


Day Pack

Designed to carry the elements needed during work days fighting wildfires. It can be adjusted and re-adjusted according to the user’s needs. The base harness has a unique ergonomic design, ensuring a perfect fit because its height and circumference can be adapted, greatly enhancing the user’s mobility and reducing fatigue due to load.

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