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Lukas Rescue Equipment


Since the late 1940s, Lukas have been manufacturing pioneering hydraulic products in Erlangen. Initially, these were exclusively for industrial applications, but they were soon followed by the first rescue tools and used by rescue teams. 


  • Cutters

  • Spreaders

  • Rescue Rams

  • Combi tools

  • Power units

Combi SC358

The new combi-tool, SC 358, is the ideal combination of spreader and cutter, therefore making it the perfect rescue tool for first responders, for building rescues and natural disaster response. When spreading, the removable heads with innovative “shark-tooth tips” ensure a slip-proof “bite” at all times. When cutting, the spreader tips can easily be removed – this allows the full length of the blades to be utilised effectively! Compared with the previous model, SC 357, this all-rounder wins out thanks to its increased power in every respect: the force has been increased by 25%, the maximum cutting power is 27% higher, and the cutting performance for round steel is now an impressive 35 mm.

Combi SC557

Combination tools combine both spreader and cutter in a single piece of rescue equipment. Above all, they are suited for getting initial access to the injured, e.g. to ensure that medical first aid can be provided.

In addition, combination units can be used during first response, when providing assistance after an accident,
when carrying out rescues in buildings and for civil protection. These compact units have astonishing forces
and are very flexible in use.

Combi SC250M

The SC 250 M with its integrated hand pump is an ideal tool for first rescue kits. Operation is completely independent of power supplies. The tool is immediately ready for use, can cut and spread without needing to be reconfigured and is especially suitable for rescue where there is a risk of explosion (no flying sparks), in rough terrain, to equip rescue helicopters or emergency technical assistance units.

Combi LSI 531 CC concrete crusher

The new LSI 531 CC concrete crusher clears the path for you. It is the perfect tool for operations in collapsed
buildings or to free your path to trapped persons. Handy and versatile - with superior power.

Cutters S788

  • The S 788 achieves 1K-2K-3K-4K-5K

  • The cutting of round materials has also been improved from Ø 38mm (S 700) to Ø 42mm

  • The cutting performance for round steel is in accordance with Euronorm material requirements

  • The S 788 attains a value far above the magical “100 tons” and doesn’t stop until 1,101 kN

  • The NFPA cutting standards that applied to the S 700 are unchanged: A8 / B9 / C8 / D9 / E9

Cutters S377

  • Optimum blade geomatry for more force at the right point

  • The blades would be open impressive 206 mm at the tips

  • Improved blade reach

  • S 377 is ranked one class higher with the "E" material category per NFPA: the new cut rating is E 8

  • Euronorm cut rating of S 377 would be 1I - 2J - 3I - 4J - 5J with material category "2"

  • Apart from the different blades, S 312 and S 377 would utilize the same parts. So we would eliminate complexity from the spare parts supply chain.

  • We have a chance to address individuel customer needs more precisely.

Cutters S312

  • Optimum blade geometry for more force at the right point

  • Outstanding blade opening width of 160 mm

  • Impressive cutting force of up to 680 kN

  • Even more cutting performance with round material: 35 mm

  • NFPA rating: A7 / B8 / C7/ D7 / E7

  • Cutting class I (certified according to new EN 13204:2016)

  • Lightweight and well-balanced design is less tiring

  • Highest reliability in use due to robust blades with a long service life

  • Impressively brief opening and closing times for quick rescues

Cutters S120

  • Ideal for use in tight spaces

  • Very high cutting performance

  • Very lightweight due to compact construction

  • Intuitive one-hand operation

  • Highest material strength for increased reliability (especially the blades)

  • Intelligent star grip control to work intuitively and safely

Spreaders SP777

Our Shooting-Stars SP 333 and SP 555 now have a big brother: the hose bound high performance spreader SP 777. Its breathtaking spreading force of up to 600 kN, a spreading width of an incredible 813 mm and relentless “Shark Tooth” tips make it the ultimate rescue spreader for vehicle accidents (cars, trucks, buses, trains, trams) or after large-scale emergencies such as natural disasters. But that's not all: This powerhouse weighs just 19.7 kg – a whole 5 kg less than its SP 510 predecessor model. This makes the SP 777 the lightest BS spreader currently on the market!

Spreaders SP555

The new all-rounder-class champion: This life-saver with a powerful bite offers real professionals more performance and more success stories! With a massively improved performance to weight ratio, this compact all-rounder weighs in at just 16.2 kg and puts out 13% more power! The design of the SP 555 rescue spreader has also massively improved and it now shows its stubborn “Shark Tooth” tips in hazardous situations. To make the SP 555 even stronger, the squeezing plates are integrated directly into its arm. In short: With this spreader, you come out the clear winner in any rescue!


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